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Julia Ross Recommends

Author of The Diet Cure

and The Mood Cure


Julia Ross Recommends L-glutamine for sugar cravings

L-glutamine is best known for balancing blood sugar levels, especially for hypoglycemics who will lose their low-blood sugar carb (alcohol) cravings.

Other common uses:

• For gastrointestinal healing (eg., life-saving at 30-50 grams/day for AIDs patients with life threatening diarrhea).

• For healing radiation burns (eg., in cancer treatment).*

*Can be used by cancer cells as food.

Precautions: Can trigger mania in bi-polar spectrum.

Julia Ross’ Recovery Systems Clinic

Since 1988, the Recovery Systems Clinic has guided thousands of people with eating issues, mood problems, and addictions back to health and well-being through their pioneering work with targeted nutrient therapy and biochemical re-balancing.


Julia Ross Recommends Chromium for balancing blood sugar

Although Chromium is not an amino acid, it is a mineral that anyone who regularly eats refined sweets and starches is deficient in, as it is so depleted in the digestive processing of these demanding foods. Without it, we lose our blood sugar balance and when glucose levels drop too low, cravings for a quick hit of sugar or starch are triggered.

Chromium, along with glutamine, helps to keep blood sugar levels stable and cravings silenced.  It gets rid of hypoglycemic headaches too.  We had a client who had lost 100 pounds and most of her cravings with the help of glutamine.  But she was getting daily headaches.  The chromium eliminated both in two days!

Dose:  200 mcg, 4 times a day between meals

Total Amino Solution

Julia Ross Recommends Total Amino Solution

Total Amino Solution provides predigested aminos in a complete blend to support all the brain and body needs for these primary protein constituents.

This supplement is especially important for pregnant or nursing women, who should not be taking individual aminos. Many pregnant nursing women with depression or anxiety give positive feedback. Check first with your Obstetrician regarding all your supplements.

Total Amino Solution also benefits:

- Vegans, vegetarians, raw fooders, and anyone on lower protein diets

- Pre and post-surgery patients to combat rapid muscle loss

- Persons in recovery from digestive compromising conditions like alcoholism or   anorexia

Julia Ross recommends GABA, the most calming amino acid supplement

GABA (gamma-amino-butyric acid) is the most calming amino acid supplement for most people. By neutralizing adrenaline it releases tense muscles especially in the neck and shoulders.  Muscle pain and insomnia can both be relieved by it.

GABA comes in several strengths. The best is GABA Calm by Source Naturals in either 60 or 120 sublingual tablets for speedy absorption. Many love GABA Relaxer 100 mg tablets by Country Life or True Calm 200mg capsules by Infinity Health. If that is not enough, Infinity Health has GABA 500 mg capsules, but Julia Ross recommends being cautious about stronger doses.

Precautions: If your blood pressure is already very low, you could get dizzy.

Note from Julia Ross addressing a study that stated that GABA does not cross the blood-brain barrier: We have used GABA with thousands of clinic clients as have many of my colleagues – with, great benefit, even the low-potency sublingual GABA Calm being outstandingly effective.  The misinformation about the blood-brain barrier came from a single research study, obviously flawed.  There have been other studies confirming GABA’s benefits.  I always base my recommendations on clinical experience because lab studies are so often misleading.


See Amino Acid Precautions here



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