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About My Bountiful Health started in 2011, when I was on my back for 4 months with a herniated disc. Unable to sit for long, I needed to semi-recline in my back chair to be able to work. Through prayer and reflection, I began to create an online business I was passionate about: My Bountiful Health.

My interest in health and healing began during college, when I went to California for the first time, and a friend told me about taking Calcium/Magnesium for my menstrual cramps. I had serious monthly cramping all through high school, and took Darvon and Codeine, which I didn’t like taking. The supplement helped end years of debilitating monthly pain. It felt like a miracle!

With eyes wide open, I then realized my diet of meat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol might be part of the problem too. After cleaning up my diet and becoming vegetarian, I experienced an incredible amount of energy and clarity.

Another stage of discovery was when I worked as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the addiction field. I had heard about Julia Ross M.A., Director of Recovery System’s Clinic, who helped people with addictions find the missing link by replenishing their brains with amino acid nutritional therapy. I found that amino acids were also the missing link for my own addiction to sugar and caffeine, and with their use, I experienced relief from the incessant cravings.

After healing body and mind, my soul then led me to my spiritual path with Ananda Church of Self-Realization in Nevada City, California. My guru, Paramhansa Yogananda (1893-1952), came to America in 1925 to teach self-realization, or inner-communion with the divine, through meditation and Kriya Yoga. Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Yogananda’s, founded Ananda Village, where I live with my husband, Panduranga.  My husband and I have written two books on pilgrimage, The Pilgrim’s Italy and The Pilgrim’s France.

My website contains Yogananda’s wisdom on health and healing. Yogananda, in his day, was a trend setter in Holistic health and healing, and you will find a variety of tips for achieving a healthy life style.

Through the years, I have experienced many diets, healing techniques and cleanses.  I have learned something from all my experimenting and discovered that keeping the body temple healthy is imperative on the spiritual path.  I not only lead a healthier and more robust life, but I have more focus and motivation to meditate.

As a baby-boomer, I have more incentive than ever to stay healthy, and supplements continue to have a powerful effect in keeping my health at an optimal level. My hope is that together, we will learn to recharge our bodies with vitality and cosmic energy, and achieve more conscious health for our bodies, minds and souls.

In Bountiful Health,

Gitabai Heater

PS I always want to hear from you with your suggestions and feedback.  Just send me an email through our contact form with your thoughts.

Gitabai Heater

My husband and I went on pilgrimage to Italy for our honeymoon in 1998, which resulted in our first book, The Pilgrim’s Italy: A Travel Guide to the Saints.  It was followed by The Pilgrim’s France in 2003.